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Get the best android apps to get the highly profitable and amazing trading tips for stock and commodity Market.

MCX Buy and sell levels app is the best and the most favourite app among traders. It produce daily buy above and sell below levels for MCX and NSE.

android app
android app

App Features

Start working with MCX Buy and Sell Levels App that can provide everything you need to generate profitablity, accuracy level and Perfection.

Use On Any Device

MCX Buy and Sell levels application is available on Android as well as the IOS platform.

Easy to Understand

Our application is very easy to understand because it give entry and exit levels on the screen.

Highly accurate

Levels coming the application are truely fabulous and accurate more than 75%.

Cost effective

Monthly charges of the app are 199 INR which is Tremendous.

Fully Responsive

Mcx Buy sell levels app is fully responsive and error free.

Loved by Users

More than 10,000 Users have loved the application and using from decades.

android app

How Can We Help You ?

We provide the best android apps for stock and commodity market. All of our apps are unique and profitable. Following are the best advantages of our apps.

android app

Our Android Apps are truly awesome.

You can use our android app if you are trading in stock or commodity market. we provide best trading tips as well as strategic trading platforms on android as well as IOS Store.

  • Designed for Intraday and Positional trading
  • Accuracy is above 70% with proper Targets and Stoploss levels.
  • Symbol selection is also available so that you can choose your favorite symbol.
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MCX Sure Gain App Showcase

Start working with MCX Sure Gain that can provide everything you need to generate revenue, incerease accuracy and smartness in trading.

android app

ALGO Terminal App

Algo terminal app is specially designed for mobile phone users. It is an ALGO Trading application in which we have given some pre-defined startegies such as Super Trend, Money Machine, Eagle Trading and Intramax. Users can login with the brokers account and can trade automatically via our application.

  • It supports Aliceblue, Upstox and Zerodha.
  • It has Stoploss and three Targets feaures.
  • It produce notification on every signal execution.
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MCX Buy and Sell Signals App

MCX buy and Sell levels application produce Intraday Buy above and sell below levels for MCX commodity Market and BANKNIFTY and NIFTY levels. All of the levels comes with proper stoploss and target levels.

  • Perfect Intraday Levels
  • Accuracy above 80%
  • Monthly Charges 199 INR
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android app

Jingara APP

Jingara app is very powerful app for intraday traders of stock and commodity market. In this app you can find all MCX, NSE and FOREX Symbols. All Signals comes for Intraday trading and with proper stoploss and targets.

  • It covers All Markets.
  • Fully Intraday Signals with 75% Accuracy.
  • Create your favorite symbol's Portfolio.
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android app

Choose The Pricing Plan

Start working with MCX Sure Gain that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, profitablity and happiness.

Buy Sell Levels App

INR 199 /mo
  • Full Access
  • 12 Symbols
  • Past Performance
  • 1 Month Access
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Jingara APP

INR 399 /mo
  • Full Access
  • 500+ Symbols
  • Past Performance
  • 1 Month Access
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Algo Terminal

INR 2499 /mo
  • Any One Strategy
  • 15+ Symbols
  • Web and App Access
  • 1 Month Subscription
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